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23rd November 2007 
Dear Flist,


Love, IB.

(Only not really. Just - yeah, kind of really. But 7:12-13? OMG)

It was on a Friday morning the gasman came to call.
Drakhen and IB were smelling gas in the hallway and there's no way that line's going to scan or rhyme.

Anyway, called the emergency line even though we weren't sure we could smell gas, and didn't want to cry wolf or anything. But when the gasman came over he was all "yep, boiler's leaking", and made it safe and turned our gas off.

So immersion heater only for us for now. Grrr.

And I don't think gas leak is anything to do with me feeling faint, meh. I'm hoping that's just something that tea will fix.(Yay tea)

Today is a day for chilling out, playing with coracoids, and watching my Alice Cooper DVDs. Any attempt to start internet wank will be mocked and ignored.

03:11 pm - A confession.
Something terrible has happened. I've ended up watching Robin Hoodie again. Personally I blame tyrell.

So far there has been the line "I'm not being funny but..", a joke about Bob Dylan that character's laughed at (although to be fair, I don't know if Bob Dylan was writing songs in the 12 century or not). But this is perhaps made up for with TONY SLATTERY OMG.

 - Although Robin Hoodie's trying to be Clint Eastwood now. Why?

Why am  I watching this?
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