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10th April 2008 
So there's a meme going arond where people list their 'FUCK YOU, SHE'S AWESOME' list of fictional women. For me to do this would be a little superflues now, wouldn't it?

But I'm going to do it anyway. I bet you're not surprised at any of these.

Women who I love, but who don't actually exist.Collapse )
full of shit
Can someone with more knowledge of how the series of tubes works please explain to me the logic behind this Times article:
The success of the BBC's iPlayer is putting the internet under severe strain and threatening to bring the network to a halt, internet service providers claimed yesterday.

Now, if I understand, and I'm not sure I do, Tiscali want the BBC to pay them to upgrade network capacity because of the people streaming programmes through iPlayer. Now, I'm with Virgin, and we pay for more bandwidth that we use, because we like fast internet, but correct me if I'm wrong - we pay for our download and bandwidth limits. If we - the internet users - want more internet than our ISPs can provide, why shouldn't we pay for that?

But no, apparently Tiscali want the BBC to pay them because the BBc are providing a service that people want to use. And don't forget where the BBC's funding coming from- that's right, we, the TV-owning public, pay for it. I'm sure there are a few people who have private internet (university halls are a special minority) and no TV license; but there are so many more households with a TV and no internet, or who just don't use iPlayer.

And yet, it seems Tiscali want BBC customers to foot the bill for those Tiscali customers who are demanding what Tiscali is incapable of providing.

03:58 pm - Shenanananigans
OMG It's spring!

Ityme the First: ye Olde Fartes Picnic.
I'm thinking a weekend in  late May. When's bad for people?

Ityme the Seconde: puca_project
This is partly a result of me not going to cons this year, but also:

So someone I know keeps talking about going on a pub-crawl in May, and it's a fancy dress pub crawl in which the theme is superheroes. And I - don't really want to get blinding drunk with these people, cause they're acquaintances at best. But I'm really really hankering to dress up as Dinah and wander the streets of London.

So to that end - who's up for a superhero/comic themed puca project on Midsummer? Hmmmm?
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