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24th September 2008 
I am all caught up on my Telly shows, and most of my comics now - I still haven't read Batman RIP so I have no idea if it ties into the events of Final Crisis or if he's absent from Robin for another reason altogether *throws hands up* does anyone know? I have not read Nation - I missed the signing and haven't felt the urgent need to run out and spend money I don't have on a hardback book right now. For I don't have much money right now and I'm about to have even less as my annual travelcard needs renewing.

So spoiler-free summary of my current thingums: Comics and TV Shows Oh my!Collapse )

Mitch Benn is playing at Soho-Ho this Saturday. I'm not going, I'm just saying.

Politically, will someone please tell the British Government that people who are opposed to equality do not make good Equality Commission representatives?

*Shut up, Mohinder!
There's this meme in which you photograph the contents of your handbag. Not haveing a handbag per se is just one of the reasons I fail at gendertype, but here are the things I carry with me on a day:

and lo, there was a cut.Collapse )

I don't know why I have nothing interesting to say recently, either.
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