March 14th, 2008


Mysterious new Injuries

I am, luckily, typing this here with both hands. However, the right arm is being held still against my body and the wrist is doing much of the work.

I woke up this morning with a strong ache in my right elbow, that makes it painful to bend or straighten - it's liking to be held at about 85 degrees right now, as long as it's constant.

But it hurts and it's frustrating and I haven't tried dressing myself yet. I'm going to call the doctor when Izzy gets back from teh gym with my keys, then figure out what I've managed to do.


Update @ 11: OK, pain is gradually fading, so I will be able to work tonight. The trouble is, brushing my hair huts unbearably.
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[Blogging on demand] My thoughts on Yaoi

Of course agonistes had to ask:
...what are your thoughts on yaoi?
When answering the question "what are [my] thoughts on yaoi?", there are various things that need to be defined. What is Yaoi; what are thoughts on it; what are my thoughts, and why are they so frequently linked with Quasars?

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And that's as much teal as I chose to paint this particular deer.