September 4th, 2010

go baby go

First Full Week

At some point along the way i picked up some sort of snobbish aversion to blogging about my real life, as if a day to day journal of my activities had no place in a Real Blog. This is, I am perfectly aware, absurd. Particularly as it is the personal events and journalling I like so much in the blogs I choose to read. I have some strange ideas, don’t ask.

Anyway, life’s been such that I haven’t really sat down to blog, really. I’ve been Doing Stuff, and when I haven’t been Doing Stuff I’ve been staring into space under the exhaustion of having Done Stuff. So not enough time to sit and write. Plenty of time to think and reflect, though. I’m undergoing a bit of a heavy thinky phase in terms of the things I usually blog about, and I think I like where I’m going. In the meantime, have a list of stuff I’ve been up to:

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