January 26th, 2013


The Up-Goer 5 Car for Carrying People Who Make Music

The idea of the meme making the rounds these days is to use the Up-Goer 5 Text editor to describe one’s job, i.e. using the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English Language.

I am a doctor: not the kind of doctor who helps people, but the kind of doctor who knows a great deal about a kind of animal. The animals I know about lived a long time ago, but are all dead now. They are like some flying animals that are living now, but not very like those animals. I studied how these animals walk and run.

After becoming a doctor, I moved to the place I live from a different place, and I studied what I needed to become a teacher. Now I am a doctor and a teacher who talks to children – and sometimes grown-ups – about the world we live in. A lot of the time we talk about different kinds of animals. Sometimes we talk about forces, but most of the time we talk about animals. We talk about the dead animals I am doctor of, but we talk about all the other animals as well: big, small, flying, animals that live on land and animals that live in the water. My children are learning how to tell different kinds of animals from each other.
I am the kind of teacher that thinks class should be fun, and that people learn best when they really want to learn. So I see children after school in places that they decide to go to. I have been a teacher in a school, but I like being a teacher out of school the best of all.
There’s another version that involves describing fandoms in the same way, and it’s ridiculously fun. Maybe another time.

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