October 3rd, 2013


Yuletide Promotions: Claymore



What is it?

A long form manga, currently consisting of 22 volumes available in English, and many more being translated from Japanese. There is also an anime that covered the first 10 or so volumes, but adds an ending not present in the manga.

What is it about?

IN A WORLD plagued by monsters called yoma, that hide among humans and eat their intestines, female warriors called Claymores roam the land, fighting yoma. Half-yoma themselves, they are outcasts from society, and are controlled by a shadowy organization of men who charge villages for the services of the warriors.

Except it’s really about female friendship and making your own decisions and the power of love and loyalty and revenge and complicated worldbuilding and how if you support your friends you can change the world!

Why is it great?

The cast of dozens of female characters with similar life stories are all individual and different in their reaction to their life and the way they live it. The worldbuilding, which starts off looking simple and familiar, is complicated and satisfying, and plays all the warrior-fighting-monster tropes straight, while still giving background to them. And when it comes down to it, it’s a simple story of overthrowing your oppressors, and it’s great for it.

How can I read it?

Official English translations are available in paperback  or in digital format (apparently US only)  - those links are for Volume 1, I’m sure you could find the rest.

Alternatively, there are fan-translations available online at Mangahere.com, although of course I recommend buying if you like them!

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