January 9th, 2014


Phenomenal Cosmic Powers!

For the 9th January (LJ | DW[personal profile] bjornwilde asked what global or cosmic hero/es I like, based on the correct assumption that I tend to prefer street level superheroes (The Question, Black Canary, Daredevil)

So here’s three powerhouses, from three different publishers.


Power Girl

I’d been dabbling a toe into the Super books since Kelly-Sue DeConnick’s run in Supergirl, which for a while was the only Super book I read. I really really did not like Man of Steel in a way that was eye opening about what I thought was important about Superman (no doubt acquired through osmosis by spending my weekends watching Justice League with a man who did his dissertation on Superbooks). So it turned out I had Opinions! And I started reading more superbooks. And then I fell into a hole of Power Girl, because 1) Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner and 2) if the Super family is a family of people who are displaced from their home and trying to find their place, then Power Girl is the losted and most displaced of them all. And of course, in the Ame-Comi universe she’s essentially a genderswapped Superman, and we all know how much I like genderswaps.

Anyway, I like Karen cause she’s flexible in her changing situations. She’s smart and tech savvy, and uses her secret identity to help people with Starrware rather than building up a personal arsenal, like SOME smart super rich ‘hero’ types I can mention. And she takes absolutely zero crap, from anyone. She’s brave, compassionate, and  just trying to find her place in a planet – no, a universe, that isn’t her own.


Captain Marvel

Any claims that I like Carol Danvers for exactly the same reasons that I like Karen Starr will be met with a shifty look and an awkward subject change.

I jumped on the Captain Marvel bandwagon at the same time everyone else did – when Kelly-Sue started writing her solo book. (A pattern? To heck you say!) And I’ve been meaning to go back and read the rest of Princess Sparklefists, but there’s no hurry, right? As it is, Captain Marvel is one of the very few books I judge good enough to be on my small pull list. Carol, like Karen, is take-no-prisoners lets-punch-things. She has global powers and responsibilities (co-leader of the Avengers), but very real fears and worries (and a case of imposter syndrome, which is a very female concern.)


Atom Eve

Otherwise known as Invincible’s super girlfriend, Samantha Wilkins has her own life, and her own problems (which don’t get focused on nearly enough) including her own archnemesis. Dealing with Mark Grayson’s melodrama should be enough to get her a medal on its own, but she never ever lets it stop her. She’s pretty much the most powerful person in the world, including Invincible himself, even though she makes the tough decision to not use her powers when she gets pregnant.

Yeah, there are problems in Atom Eve’s story, but she’s an awesome character and a great  superhero.

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