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IB's Firefox 
19th-May-2007 01:31 pm
El Jay
This is part info-dump post, part meme, because I want you guys to do the same with your Firefox.

How have you customised your Firefox? Which add-ons have you used, how have you altered them, and what couldn't you do without?


Simply the best download manager I've seen, DTA is quick, well organised, and barely affects memory usage. And perhaps most importantly, it has the ability to restart interrupted downloads (although I don't think it recovers from a crash). It works marvellously on any site except SendSpace, which is evil and those who use it must be punished. [Link]


It makes Firefox Faster. [Link]


I had no idea how supremely useful this widget was going to be when I first got it: at first glance it simply puts the controls from your music player into Firefox so you don't have to switch windows to switch music. What I hadn't banked on was FoxyTunes Planet, which is just one click in the status bar away from giving you a wealth of information about the current track, from the artist's Wikipedia page to song lyrics, to the genre. A must for music geeks. [Link]

Sun Cult

Keeps track of sun and moon phases. Really only significant if you happen to RP a werewolf.[link]


Allows you to customise the .css of any website you browse. I use mine specifically for LJ to disable ads (this is legal for LJ usage - disabling them in your own layout's css is not) and I thank metaphor for showing me how:

Once Stylish is installed, you'll see this icon in the bottom-right corner of Firefox: . Click that and go to manage styles. Click write to create a new style and copy-paste the following into the main window:
@namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);

@-moz-document domain("livejournal.com") {

display: none !important;

This disables ads on your browsing and you can look at all the plus accounts you wish.[Link]


Indispensable for web designers, or regular artists, or even just people who like to do cool things in LJ comments, this is a simple dropper tool which allows you to grab the colour of anywhere on the webpage, including images, and copy the hex or rgb code to the clip board. I personally couldn't design layouts without it. [Link]


This is a "can't live without" situation. WebDeveloper sticks a toolbar in Firefox that enables you to examine every webpage down to the .css elements, allowing you to edit the .css live, to extract stylesheets, to obtain element information with one mouse click. If you do any web design at all, get this. [Link]

Tab Mix Plus

Organises your tabs! Recovers open tabs after session crashes, enables moving and organising of tabs, shows you which ones you haven't read. If you use tabbed browsing at all, use this. [Link]


An absolute must for roleplayers, and highly recommended for everyone with multiple LJs, this allows you to switch between accounts instantly (or has instantly as LJ's servers will let you) [Link]

LJ Friends

Displays a little active icon every time your friendspage has a new entry. [Link]

LJ Hook

Anybody who uses LJ at all should be using this. HTML and LJ tags in the right-click menu enable quick coding for the lazy or HTML-ignorant at a pinch.
The first thing I do with LJ-Hook is to go to the Options (in the Firefox add-on menu), and uncheck "select random icon" and "enable post Security" as they tend to automate stuff you don't want automated. The second thing I do is customise the HTML it inserts, because the default option is <div> tags and no one likes <div> tags.
In the "Application Data" folder in your Documents and Settings folder, the files for your add-ons can be found in Mozilla > FireFox > Profiles > extensions. The one that applies to LJHook is called {D469DA71-A9C6-48f1-B86E-67313AADB588}.
In that folder, open content > ljh_context_menu.js in notepad. This contains all the details for LJ Hook, including the HTML tags. I change the tags to say <strong>, <em> etc, but you can totally use <b> and <i> if you want to (Thanks to sir_gareth for pointing out that bit of niftyness) [Link]


I don't need to explain this because you've all got Greasemonkey, right? Right. This little gizmo runs scripts on webpages that alter little things about how they look. [Link]
Greasemonkey Scripts
All of the ones I use are for Livejournal:
LJ Thread Unfolder - unfolds long LJ threads on the same page.
LJ Clean Friends - stops your HTML-challenged friends from messing with your formatting.
LJ Instant Tag - edit tags on an entry without going to the tags page.
Always link to full LJ userinfo
LJ Message Center Delete Multiple Subscriptions - prevents the reload the Message Center page after every subscription deletion.
LJ Message Center Quick Track - tracks entries with one click
LJ Message Center Tracking Subscriptions and notifications metadata - gives more information in the message center
LJ preview images from inside cuts  - grabs and displays the first image on the entry page every time there's a cut-tag. This shows you what you're seeing before you click (and saves you clicking for single image displays)


So. What do you use? In a comment or a new entry.
19th-May-2007 01:22 pm (UTC)
I did a list of mine ages back, a bit outdated now:

Probably ought to put some of the new ones in. Favourite current that you're not listing is deepestsender, and browsing at work I really notice the lack of Flashblock.

Thanks hugely for that LJ hook trick, very very useful, wonder why they mess the code up the way they do in the default? Inline styles are just NOT a good thing. To make it easier for people to find their profile, Open Profile Folder can be useful; this is the first time I've been very glad it was there, but just going in and finding the html bookmarks file, for example, can be useful.
19th-May-2007 02:47 pm (UTC)
Have done the update post:

Can really recommend the Livejournal plugins and the reopen closed tags button of the new ones.
19th-May-2007 03:10 pm (UTC)
Well, I have Deepest Sender installed, but it just plain doesn't work:- I can't open it.
19th-May-2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
There is, unfortunately, a clash between it and LJ Login. As I don't need login, I have it disabled. For you, a bigger issue (they're working on it). But if you disable Login, then it should work; I especially love the friends editor, I managed to completely rearrange the viewing filters last night with minimal effort, something the LJ and Semagic interfaces are awful for.
19th-May-2007 02:32 pm (UTC)
*I is dumb*
you know, it hadn't even occured ot me till i read this that my LJ icons had started choosing themselves randomly after I installed LJ Hook. Fixed now. :o)
19th-May-2007 02:49 pm (UTC)
The worst moment I had with that one was 'set post security', becuase my default is public, and editing posts under certain custom filters could've caused, well, a few issues...
19th-May-2007 02:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah I bet it would!!!!
19th-May-2007 02:58 pm (UTC)
I did not know about Greasemonkey! But now I do and that 'unfolder' script is GORGEOUS. Thank you!
(Deleted comment)
19th-May-2007 09:40 pm (UTC)
Oh, awesome. I can't get the greasemonkey scripts to install, though -- I get a button saying, "This is a greasemonkey script, push button to install" but when I push the button nothing happens. Do you know what's going on?
19th-May-2007 09:49 pm (UTC)
Never mind, fixed it. :D
30th-May-2007 04:14 am (UTC)
How did you fix it? I'm seemingly stuck with that problem, too.
30th-May-2007 04:28 am (UTC)
Nm. It just fixed to working.
20th-May-2007 09:39 pm (UTC)
Hmm, let's see...

Adblock plus
Better Gmail
LJ Hook
Skype extension for Firefox
Web Developer
Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

Foxmarks is really handy and better than Google's sync (which used to delete bookmarks seemingly at random for great woe). But it's another one that conflicts with LJlogin, which is annoying.

I've been dancing around Greasemonkey for a while now. Maybe this will push me finally into adding it. =)
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