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PSA - webspace 
30th-Jun-2007 11:59 pm
El Jay
Due to human error not mine, lycanfae.net is down for the foreseeable future. Whicn is fine as I wasn't really using it.

Except: if I was hosting your stylesheet there, it's gone now. But I have them on harddisk. Just comment here and let me know and I'll fix it for you.


ETA: stylesheets


1st-Jul-2007 02:38 am (UTC)
notanoptimist's layout is gone, but I'm not overly concerned about that. Take your time. :D
1st-Jul-2007 08:33 am (UTC) - Instructions
I'll post the .css for Sokka in another comment, but what you'll need to do is go to customise Journal, and go to the Custom Options tab.

Under Custom CSS, select the following options:

Use layout's stylesheet(s) when including custom external stylesheet No.

And in the Custom stylesheet box, put the css.
1st-Jul-2007 09:07 am (UTC)
Y'know whut, fuckit. Stylesheet is in the main post.
(Deleted comment)
1st-Jul-2007 09:08 am (UTC)
I can't fix Zuko's without going back into his account. :-(
(Deleted comment)
1st-Jul-2007 02:04 pm (UTC)
It's up.
(Deleted comment)
2nd-Jul-2007 03:26 pm (UTC)
*points up*
(Deleted comment)
2nd-Jul-2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
*snugs you*
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