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heart + stomach
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A very special day for a very special person 
27th-Sep-2007 07:40 am
heart + stomach
Happy Birthday Heater
Usually I just leave those birthday messages on top of my journal and continue on about something else. Not today. You see, today is the birthday of someone so amazing that I feel the need to give an entire post about why I love her so.

Firstly there's Alanna. Sure, at first, when Mel was still finding her feet in the bar, she was a little intimidated by her boss who had worked hard and earned her place despite a physical disadvantage, but this was quickly rectified using horse smut and drunkenly giving all the Security staff "dwarf names". Alanna is on of Mel's oldest and firmest friends in Bar, and I wouldn't have it otherwise. Nor would I have anyone but Dr. Evil turn a shrink ray on my Slayer and make her itty bitty action figure sized.

But it was about a year ago that I got the opportunity to really play with this amazing RPer, when the PotC contingent of the bar said "hey, we're going through the second movie, who wants to play the characters not on the cast list, and I metaphorically cleared my throat, raised my hand and said "um, Will please?"

Will and Elizabeth are my favourite ship to write bar none. Heater's writing is expressive, filled with pathos, and manages to cover every little nuance of her characters. She is what I term a 'fault writer' - by focusing on her character's flaws, she fleshes them out into complex, four dimensional people, and has managed to do the impossible - make me like Elizabeth Swann. There's no way I could be so enamoured of this couple if I didn't have such an amazing Liz to play off.

I haven't even touched on Frank, because sometimes it's very very easy to forget about Frank. Frank is the voice recognition software Heater's been using for - nearly two years to write everything on the internet. He is the source of all her typos (and sometimes hilarious ones they are, too) and a lot of frustration. But she uses him expertly, and never lets him get in the way of her amazing work. I could never say "she's great, for someone using VRS". Only "she seems fantastic, and when you remember about Frank, it reminds you that she's actually bloody amazing."

lunamystic. I love her. You should too.

And because embed doesn't always work: LINK

ETA: When I tried to edit this post, I got the following error message:
Oops! Looks like Frank's nibbling on the wires. Please try again in a few minutes. If you continue to get this error, let our Support team know. (Frank tells us the servers are delicious.)

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