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heart + stomach
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We've just had a complaint about a gentleman of your appearance. 
3rd-Oct-2007 01:08 pm
go baby go
So, yes, I'm still ill. In that I woke up this morning with my throat swollen in flames, and my head intermittently feels like it's in a vice. Especially when I try to stand. And this morning Buffy said I hope it's a funny aneurysm re: her mother. NOT FUNNY ANYMORE, that line.

But on the good side of things, having a sick flatmate around wakes up my caregiver, and detracts from my self-misery, and Trigger-Happy TV is wonderful.AND my hand is no longer in anyway Evil. I think that Gypsy Curse someone performed really did the trick. Thanks.
3rd-Oct-2007 12:19 pm (UTC)
Huzzah for non-Evil hands!
3rd-Oct-2007 01:28 pm (UTC)
ACK feel better soon. *sends tea, posthaste*
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