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I will not make a pun on Spoiler, so there.

This morning I woke up tense - chest pain, anxiety-attack tense.

But I cleaned the kitchen and bought milk and I'm going into town to buy shampoo (someone left it til the last minute again - oops?) So, I think I'm dealing well with it. Hopefully it won't ruin the concert tonight.

Anyway, despite a mild fever, last night's geekery was fun. And I promised the_croupier I'd link to a few things.

Remember back last month when I linked to the collected Gotham Underground collected covers?

Well, I have also checked the solicits for upcoming Robin titles, and #170 (Chuck Dixon's return) boasts this cover with some very familiar boots:

And the following solicit text (emphasis mine):
With the return of new series writer Chuck Dixon (ROBIN, NIGHTWING, BATMAN) and art by fan-favorite Chris Batista (52, LEGION OF SUPERHEROES), Robin #170 is the start of a new era no one will want to miss!
After a life-changing battle with Ra's al Ghul in Nanda Parbat, Robin comes home to Gotham to find there's a new girl in town, wearing a color he can't ignore. The new vigilante calls herself Violet, and she steals from the rich to keep for herself...and Robin's going to find out that's not all she's playing for. Plus, the return of an old friend with something to hide!
So naturally, I'm going into town to day to ask Gosh! to put Robin on my subscription list as of #170, because I have always and will always vote with my wallet.

And also, I think I promised Rick and Amy that I'd link to shatterverse, so I am.
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