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heart + stomach
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:-\ SPN 
18th-Nov-2007 09:42 pm
I think the misogyny and racism have finally managed to make me turn away from the show.

Or maybe I'm just not well. But right now the show's on, and I'm feeling physically ill.

- spoilers for Fresh Blood in the comments
18th-Nov-2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
Awwww, it's okay. Most people who commented on that post either agreed or treated me with a little bemusement because they couldn't see it (the online equivalent of, "Yeah, whatever").

A couple of them, though, went completely off the deep end defending the show. One of them even accused me of being racist, which, hunh? I know I'm not the most sensitive person on the planet with racism, but, really...

As for S1...You know? You're probably right. That's probably why I had no problems with S1. It was pure camp, like Buffy S1. The horror genre has tropes. The show shamelessly mugged them and it was all fun and games with the pretty. :-)

Plus, S1 for any show is kind of a shakeout cruise. The problems that crop up there tend to get fixed in later seasons. So even if the whole girls-in-refrigerators trope was there in S1, there's a reasonable expectation that it wouldn't necessarily be true as the show found its feet and more hunters got introduced. (I honestly didn't pick up on any weird race issues in S1...not saying they weren't there, just that I didn't).

Except, now the show is in S3, and going by what other people are saying about the show (I've stopped watching completely), that whole problem with women and race hasn't changed at all. Lay that against the angsty storyline they set up for this season in the last ep of S2...yeah. It's definitely going to look like the problem's worse even if they don't change a blessed thing.

As for whether the production/writing team will even get a chance to fix it, it's kind of up for debate. With the writer's strike, even if the writers were inclined to go back and re-write problematic scripts, they really can't.

Any scripts Supernatural has on tap have to be shot as is. If the strike goes on long enough, they'll just run out scripts to shoot and production will go dark. It's already happened on several shows (including Battlestar Galactica which was shooting the 13th and last-written script up in Canada), so I can't imagine that Supernatural is that far ahead of any of the other hour-long dramas.

So, unless they started fixing these problems before the strike started, I'd expect more of the same out of any Supernatural episodes shown in the immediate future.
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