The real Joon (innerbrat) wrote,
The real Joon

A post of meh

To coin a phrase from alas_a_llama: I has an exhaustion

And some day I will stop communicating in Kitteh. It can't be good for my aspirations as a professional communicator. But speaking of that - no, see later in this post.

I am stressed as a sort of status quo right now. The PhD is...coming, but I'm about where I should have been a year ago, and blegh. But I am making progress, and things are happening, so that's good. Really.

(I'm scared)

And tired. So very tired. Struggling to get out of bed tired. Fortunately I have discovered a way to be productive with data at home on the dining room table, so I am getting some morning sleepy time at least. And of course there's the tea cupboard to get me through the day. And I'm OK.I am. I'm just - also not, right now. But I will be! And knowing I will be is enough. Meanwhile, I tetch at you freaks and flake on RP and sulk instead of WARP and shit like that. So sorry?

So lack of updates: lack of motivation to post. BUT I have been sort of doing stuff:

 - I wrote an article for a website, for which I'm getting paid! In, um, DVDs. But it counts!
 - I had an interview at Coffee, Cake and Kink, (link vaguely NWS for artistic erotica), which will result in an assessment shuft, which may result in part time work over the holidays.
 - I arranged an early Hogswatch gift from the InnerRents to the Bing: They're giving her a Brat, to be delivered on time for emmlet's wedding. Apparently it'll go well with her outfit?
 - I conquered the lateral view of the coracoid! And by the end of today I plan to be well on my way to ventral domination as well.
 - I watched Heroes, and quite liked it? I dunno, it doesn't invoke physical reactions in me like Supernatural does. The treatment of Claire annoys me, but as much because I see her fighting and failing to have control over her own life (and body), and as someone who plays her, it annoys me to see her so impotent.
 - I watched lots of Justice League Unlimited cartoons, caught up completely on Birds of Prey and have a nice collection of JL comics to read, including hopefully this year's wedding stuff.
 - I RPed lots. Mostly in shatterverse, where I have mild performance anxiety over OCs. So that's why I have canon characters for the most part.
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