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heart + stomach
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Cutting Edge, by Christopher Matthew 
3rd-Apr-2008 10:44 am
Babs/Dinah, friend
It is, in USland, National Poetry Month. And while I'm not USian, it does mean that my friendspage is rather full of Pomes Wot People Like.And I'm nothing is not compliant to blog fashions.

Here is a sample from a book sumerianhaze gave me for my birthday, by Christopher Matthew. The book itself is called Now We Are Sixty, and if I need to tell you to whom the entire book is a tribute, then you clearly didn't have my childhood.  This is not necessarily my favourite poem, but it is one of the ones reproduced on Amazon's Look Inside feature, and therefore I hope I'm not inadvertently violating copyright by reproducing.
Cutting Edge

Tom had a
Brand New
Personal Computer;
Tom was
On the
Tom had
The Works;
But was
And that
Was pretty
3rd-Apr-2008 03:35 pm (UTC) - I see your that and raise you this:
When We Were Very Sore
(Lines on Discovering That You Have Been Advertised as America's A. A. Milne.)

Dotty had
Great Big
Visions of
Dotty saw an
Ad, and it
Left her
Dotty had a
Great Big
Snifter of
And that (said Dotty)
Is that.
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