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12th-May-2008 01:25 pm
witch, disapproval
My love of stories almost certainly came from the use of books-as-babysitters as a child - I know my sister loves stories as much as I do, although she leans towards romcoms and chickflicks where I caught a bad case of the SciFi from the InnerDad.

My inclination towards writing, however, most likely comes from my grandmother maysherestinpeace. She used to write those  paper email things - were they called letters? - to lots of people, especially companies who were indulging in the kind of thing she didn't much hold with. She used to love writing letters of complaint and opinion, and especially loved getting replies.

So I've been thinking of her a lot recently, and feel that I'm honouring her memory with all the letters/emails of complainti've been writing:

Sky News don't give a flying fuck about Kay Burley's rampant sexism - they've refused to reply to a single one of the many emails I've sent them.
Neither have PG Tips bothered to reply to my request that they show some ethics towards using comedy sex-molester Johnny Vegas as a spokesman. However, writing to my student union (my college own the Bloomsbury Theatre) has resulted in a letter being drawn up and submitted to the college expressing student disapproval, and after Jonathan Ross allowed Vegas to use his chat show as a platform for dismissing the accusations without addressing them, I have used the BBC complaints form to get a response there.
I'm hoping that would be more successful, as my complaint last week about Radio 4 painting goths as Satanic Neo Nazis did solicit a reply, albeit a form-letter passive aggressive faux-apology (Jennie's words) that explained that prejudice is ok as long as it's xenophobic prejudice, and ne fule no that proper British goths aren't like those dirty French goths. (I was particularly amused at the BBC insisting on capitalising 'Goths', because those black wearing grave desecrating nazi types are one and the same with the ancient central European tribe.) I replied to that apology as well.

Mmmm nothing like being vocal to make one feel smug.
12th-May-2008 02:35 pm (UTC)
I just got a reply from PG. I'll post it here but I imagine you'll get one the same, or similar, soon enough.

Thank you for your contacting the PG tips Careline. We were sorry to hear
about your complaint regarding the PG tips advertising campaign.

The PG tips advertising campaign has worked hard to try and promote it’s
partnership with the Rainforest Alliance to reassure our consumers that we
are committed to purchasing all our tea from sustainable sources. It has
been become an increasing concern to many of our consumers of the welfare
of people in developing countries as well as the environmental impact on
surrounding eco-systems. The aim of our partnership is to ensure that all
our tea meets social, economic and environmental standards to help improve
the working conditions and livelihoods of our certified farmers as well as
introducing environmentally friendly farming techniques to help preserve
and protect the environment.

Our campaign includes two famous characters, our very own Monkey and also
Johnny Vegas. We decided to use these two characters to promote this
partnership and the benefits of drinking tea in a light hearted and
humorous way. We research all of our TV adverts with a range of consumers
who are likely to buy the product to ensure that the adverts aren't
inappropriate or likely to cause offence. These adverts have proved to be a
successful campaign in raising the awareness amongst our consumers.

As an advertiser we do not condone or promote any irresponsible behaviour
and are disappointed with the actions displayed by Johnny Vegas at his
recent show. We hope that while his behaviour was inappropriate, it will
not discourage you from supporting PG tips and the Rainforest Alliance.

We do appreciate your concerns and our PG tips Brand Manager has been made
aware. I do trust the above has reassured you and thank you for taking the
time and trouble to contact us.

Kind regards,

Kerrie Doyle
Careline Advisor

ETA: I find it interesting that PG describe his behaviour as irrisponsible and say they're disappointed, yet he still says he did nothing wrong.

Edited at 2008-05-12 14:37 (UTC)
12th-May-2008 03:08 pm (UTC)
Yep yep,got the same one.

And - more or less well played, PG Tips. I don't buy their tea anyway, so the threat of boycott was empty, but i'm gald they've condemned it.
12th-May-2008 03:31 pm (UTC)
I'm relieved because I do drink PG! At least if I do want to buy some more when the current box is finished, I won't feel so guilty about it. Then again, I might just wait to see whether they do actually get rid of him or not. Saying they're disappointed in him and actually doing something about it are two different things.
12th-May-2008 04:17 pm (UTC)
I'm trying to work out what the point of mentioning the Rainforest Alliance stuff was. Trying to make you feel guilty for not buying their tea and thereby not helping the farmers?

Maybe I'm too cynical.
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