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heart + stomach
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Brat Twitters 
8th-Jun-2008 11:04 pm
heart + stomach
Honestly, you people are never satisified.
  • 07:10 is awake and eating breakfast and is off to the NHM today. I like this weekend. #
  • 18:40 is reading the comments to a post about George Takei's wedding & flagging as offensive everything with an anti-gay 'joke'. IDK why I bother #
  • 19:56 is trying to stay out of the way while flatmate packs at the last minute. #

Because sometimes what I have to say isn't worth an entire post. Courtesy of Twitter and LoudTwitter
9th-Jun-2008 07:07 am (UTC)
Wow. I totally didn't know George Takei was gay. Congrats to him then!
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