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Today was disability awareness training as part of my Learning Volunteer experience, but also as part of my personal enrichment drive. It was reallyhelpful in a lot of ways and I feel like a better person. We'll see how long that lasted.

The first exercise was, predictably a brainstorming personal experience and public opinion session, which included "List disabled characters you can think of from fiction."

You're reading my journal. I'm sure I don't need to tell you quite how important I think fictional portrayals of - anythingis to public understanding, right? I might have that post in me, but does anyone need it? It's me, my subject of passion is the relationship between fiction and reality. I could go on for pages about how disabled characters (and female characters, characters of colour, transgender characters, gay characters...) are important.

No points for guessing to whom belonged the first name on my lips.

Um, this is the only scan I had pre-uploaded that had the chair.

"I don't know who that is," said pretty much everyone.

"She used to be Batgirl," I explained. "Before she was shot and put into a wheelchair."

"Oh yeah,the commissioner's daughter... wait, used to be Batgirl?"

"Yeah, well, she couldn't carry on with the acrobatics, so now she's a whole different kind of hero, from her chair. She's like - a superlibrarian."

Half the room - the half filled with librarians, predictably - erupted with glee, but we couldn't talk for that long.

It's sad, really sad that Oracle is not well known in the mainstream media, because she's that awesome, and fantastic and amazing. Someone asked me to source this character for them, and I'm tempted because of how excited these non-comics people were to know that there's a character like Babs in existence. It wasn't mentioned the rest of the day, so it's possible they forgot.

I know there's a bazillion and one resources out there on the big ol' wide internet re: Babs, but it occured to me that maybe I could write up a post detailing her background for the DC illiterate, which would form the basis for an email to those librarians if they're really interested.

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