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heart + stomach
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First Attempt at Knitting 
2nd-Nov-2008 11:35 pm
heart + stomach

First Attempt at Knitting
Originally uploaded by innerbrat
The larger swatch in the bottom left is about 10cm by 10cm, as measured, and knitted. The other is purled 22 by 30, both with UK size 8 needles, which the tension guide on the yarn seemed to imply would produce a 10x10cm square. It did not, but I'm still proud of the swatches, and obviously am learning the importance of doing tension swatches fist.

I have also learned:
- to keep the stitches as loose as possible. Needle size and yarn dictate size of stitch, not me pulling it super tight.
- the importance of finding a rhythm and using muscle memory
- that row counters rock.
- that is all else fails, you can start again no problem.

I kinda like this knitting milarkey.

Now I will attempt a similar swatch in stocking stitch before I am ready to start a project.
5th-Nov-2008 12:33 am (UTC)
I wanted to use really fabulous yarn for my first project so I would enjoy it and not be put off knitting by horrible, cheapo, scratchy rubbish. I went to a gorgeous wee knitting boutiqe and essentially said, "I'd like to learn to knit. Yarn me!" This was, ah, an expensive decision. But worth it, I think!
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