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Sem-Regular comic clearout 
6th-Dec-2008 02:10 pm
One thing I didn't miss was waking up on Saturday mornings with panic attacks because Oh Bob I have so much housework to do I don't even know where to start!! Neither did I miss that dull ache in my elbow that comes from scrubbing out the microwave.

But! I have a clean fridge and a microwave that's cleaner than it was, and my Tesco delivery has arrived and I have plans for food! So I will make some food now, then bleach the remainder of the microwave and then settle down for some serious relaxation. I promise.

In the meantime, I've run out of room for my comics again, and before I make another run to the second hand comic shop in Notting Hill Gate, I offer to anyone who might be interested the following issues:

Batgirl vol 2 #1-3
I didn't buy the rest of this series, simply because these issues were so awful. I suppose someone who likes the current talkative Cass might dig it, but I really don't.
Robin #170-180
Stephanie  reappears, then Chuck Dixon leaves the title, RIP happens and things get a little strange. The art is lovely, though.
Birds of Prey #121-124
Bedard is not exactly Simone, or Dixon, and the story is a little forced. Similarly, O'Hare is no Nicola Scott. But the characteristion is good, and it's been worth it to see Barbara face off against the Joker.
Huntress Year One #1-6 (complete)
This starts out amazing and falls apart somewhat when other established characters get involved. But the art is terrific and Helena is strong. Highly recommended
Secret Six #1-3
Gail Simone and Nicola Scott are back together again in a wonderfully dark comedy about my favourite not-quite-super villains. With Bane taking Knockout's place and the sixth member yet to be revealed, this is currently my favourite of the monthlies.

House of Mystery #2-7
Somehow I missed issue one of this title, but I have enjoyed the title. About half of every issue is an interesting, self contained story of a fantastic bent, with an ongoing containing story about a magical halfway house between world, with engaging dialogue and interesting characters. Also, it's very close to Milliways.
Fables #75- 78
Part 3 of the world changing War & Pieces, then three issues dealing with the aftermath. Fables has declined in quality recently, and these will be the last issues I buy.
Jack of Fables #24-28
Chapter 3 of a flashback western story involving Bigby Wolf, then three issues concentrating on the Page sisters while Revise and the Golden Boughs prepare to face off against the Bookburner, followed by one more Jack-centric issue on the same storyline. Jack is silly, irreverent and a lot of fun, if not taken seriously.

Runaways- vol 2: #20, 21, 25-30 vol 3: 1-3
Volume 3 has picked up in the last couple of issues, and the Joss Whedon run is among the upper end of his scale. I guess you either like the Runways or you don't, and while these aren't quite Vaughan's standard, they're still fun.

Angel: After the Fall #1-14
I was collecting all of these to read at once to see if it made more sense. I'm not sure it will - not that it's nonsensical, but it's turning out to be a lot shallower than I expected. Much like my experience with the TV show. I can't stand the art, but I know some like it, and the story isn't bad, once you get the hang of it.
Spike: After the Fall #1-4 (complete)
Much the same as Angel - the art is a marmite affair, and the plot is confusing, but the dialogue and characterisation I like.

Anyway, first come, first served, prices negotiable but will probably amount to about a pound ($1.50) per issue plus postage.
6th-Dec-2008 03:32 pm (UTC)
....have you tried cleaning your microwave with a lemon? There's another how-to which uses more lemons, but it's pretty much the same tactic.

Of course, I've not actually tried it meself, mainly sue to my excessive laziness and the minimal amount we use the microwave, but still - looks good, might help :)
6th-Dec-2008 03:42 pm (UTC)
I'd need a lemon, but right now I'm willing to give anything a shot. It was white inside, and now it's pale brown. Thank you.
6th-Dec-2008 04:35 pm (UTC)
No worries - it looked quite nifty when I first saw it, but then I inevitably forgot it right up until the words "microwave" and "cleaning" leapt out at me from your post ;) Hope it goes well!
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