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heart + stomach
Advancing the sum total of human knowledge and endeavour!
11th-Feb-2009 05:12 pm
Babs/Dinah, friend
I think I have spent a good 60% of my day replying to LJ posts, twitters, text messages, facebook wall comments and emails wishing me a happy birthday. OK, so not all of them are much more than a cursory "Facebook told me to, so I'm gonna!", but still, it's really nice to see just how many people took time out to say something. It means a lot, and I love you all.

I do NOT love my stomach today. It's oogly and queezy and I don't know if I can brave the tube until it settles a bit. I certainly don't feel like pubbing, even if pubbing was a good idea with my interview tomorrow

Did I say I have an interview tomorrow? I have an interview tomorrow.

Blegh. Brain no work when belly all complainy.
11th-Feb-2009 05:03 pm (UTC)
OOh. An interview where?

And add another Happy Birthday to your lot.
11th-Feb-2009 05:04 pm (UTC)
Science Museum. And thank you!
(Deleted comment)
11th-Feb-2009 05:37 pm (UTC)
I did not know it was your birthday until I read this post, but happy birthday! ♥

Good luck on your interview, and I hope your stomach feels better soon.
11th-Feb-2009 06:10 pm (UTC)
Lots of happy birthday to you, oh ethically neutral twin of mine!

Next time I'm up in London I'm going to bring you a cake from the awesome cake shop. Good Luck for the interview, hope you get it. X
11th-Feb-2009 06:19 pm (UTC)
I hope your stomach settles down and behaves itself soon! I'll send an invisible Good Luck Dragon to hover over you for your interview tomorrow.
11th-Feb-2009 06:24 pm (UTC)
Here comes another Happy Birthday! Multiplied by a thousand!
11th-Feb-2009 06:27 pm (UTC)

Also I am crossing my fingers for your interview.
11th-Feb-2009 06:36 pm (UTC)
<3 Good luck at the interview and happy birthday. Even if LJ/Twitter/facebook had to tell me (it's written on my calendar at home but not on work if that helps make the sentiment any more genuine. ;).
11th-Feb-2009 06:38 pm (UTC)
I hope that having an interview on Darwin's 200th birthday (as well as the day after your own b-day) is a good sign.
11th-Feb-2009 06:58 pm (UTC)
Ooh! Happy birthday! And good luck with brain, belly and interview :)
11th-Feb-2009 06:59 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday!
11th-Feb-2009 07:02 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday and good luck! You'll do great, I'm sure of it :)
11th-Feb-2009 08:05 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday!

Hope the interview goes well!
11th-Feb-2009 10:45 pm (UTC)
Sheesh, I'm so out of it. Happy belated birthday!
12th-Feb-2009 01:01 am (UTC)
Good luck tomorrow! (((HUGS)))
12th-Feb-2009 06:06 am (UTC)
OMG INTERVIEW! good good luck! not that you need it, you'll blow them away with your awesome the minute you walk in the door, but EE INTERVIEW :D

oh also hpybrthdai <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
14th-Feb-2009 01:00 pm (UTC)
I went to the Natural History Museum to wish Darwin a happy birthday!
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