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heart + stomach
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Regaining lost momentum 
26th-Mar-2009 02:38 pm
To Brits or anyone with access to BBC3 who missed Being Human the first time around, it's being shown again from Saturday.

[No spoilers. YouTube link]

I have my brain mostly back, but getting it on the right track is proving difficult. And there are still relapses  - losing stuff, forgetting to be places, procrastination, can't be arsed-itis, that sort of thing. People who don't know me very well are all Debi's not usually like this, which is sadly completely and utterly wrong. Debi is always like this. This is the base state for Debi. It's just that the constant checks and regulation that needs to go on to keep me functioning normal slipped during my relapse, and I'm having to remember all my tools; my mantras, my notes, my mindset and my routine has to be learned again.

It doesn't much help that I'm now at that stage of the month where my temperature is raised above the optimum level for thinking.
27th-Mar-2009 04:42 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the prompt - I missed it first time around, and you gave such a rave review I wanted to check it out!
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