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heart + stomach
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Community Promotion 
27th-Apr-2009 09:57 am
This is for a LiveJournal community I don't have any affiliation with, I haven't joined and I probably won't hear about again, but I think it's such a good idea.

I think there's a lot of personal development to be gained from owning one's own sexuality, and a lot of potential for damage from the misuse of sexuality; unfortunately that misuse is dangerously pervasive through our society, but it's no secret that one of the most important hurdles in my own self-evolution was around the reclamation of my own sexuality after bad experience.

I know that there are many people reading this who have history and experiences of their own they wish to work through, and far too often this takes place in a religious setting. I have no experience of this so I'm not going to talk about it, but a new community has been formed to provide a space to discuss experiences.

This place is reclaiming_sex, and I hope some one finds benefit from it.
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