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Some Like it Hot

THIRTY DAYS OF MEME - Day 2: Your Favourite Movie.

Once again, it's kind of hard to pin me down to a single favourite, but there is one I will consistently answer with if pinned down.

There's something about classic comedies that gives me a warm feeling, like a hug in movie form. I'm not going to fall into the trap of throwing words around 'innocence' - but they sure don't make them like they used to. Maybe we're just more willing to forgive an old movie its flaws, idk. Anyway, this movie combines some of my favourite things: organised crime in the 1920s; music; and both hilarious one-liners and great visual humour, in a way that I can't get enough of.

Id' say you don't need a framing plot, but the beauty of the films comedy is that it does meld the situational comedy from the plot with the visual gags and one-liners so well.

And there's something in the way Gerry fights Daphne (and the fact that he clearly loves the persona) so valiantly - in contrast to the way Joe never really has any problems with Josephine.

And the visual humour. Did I mention the visual humour?

The boys carry the comedy, but Marilyn sure had screen presence, didn't she? I just love watching her.

And let's not forget the single best closing line in the history of cinema.

I'd like it on record that before I started writing about how much I love this film, I had to do a lot of soul searching to find out whether enjoying drag makes me a bad ally to trans people. My conclusion was - bollocks does it, and I'm not going to pollute this with cis liberal whining. Though I'm willing to be wrong.
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