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Chromatic Discworld!

I realise I have to catch up on my thirty days meme, but I figure that I get weekends free on account of actually working for actual money. Plus I got to see my sister and niece, and that's worth more than blogging.

I'm taking one post out from that to celebrate a little meme that's been doing the rounds and that caught my eye on When Fangirls Attack!: Chromatic Fandoms.

It started with handyhunter recasting a bunch of Marvel characters as people of colourliviapenn  cast Spiderman and the Fantastic Four then BossyMarmalade  and second_batgirl took on the X Men

Then nextian spread it to DC, with Vertigo's Lucifer, and katarin and poisonivory went for the rest of the DCU.

Then it spread to other fandoms, with entwashian tackling Buffy and trascendenza recasting Star Trek not only with people of colour, but women of colour.

I couldn't get this out of my head, so I found myself accidentally doing for the Discworld.

Starting with the obvious, of course:
Death: James Earl Jones

Havelock Vetinari: Ben Kingsley

Samuel Vimes: Edward James Olmos

Carrot Ironfoundersson -Rick Yune

Angua von Uberwald - Rosario Dawson

She'd have to get naked an awful lot. How would we cope?

Fred Colon: Craig Charles

Sorry, Craig. Shouldn't have let that picture get out, really.

Mustrum Ridcully - Don Warrington

Rincewind - Kulvinder Ghir

Granny Weatherwax: Nichelle Nichols

Nanny Ogg - Meera Syal

We'd need a little bit of age makeup there, but I think it'd work.

Magrat Garlick - Lenora Crichlow

Susan Sto Helit: Naoko Mori

Ponder Stibbons: John Cho

Sybil Vimes: Queen Latifah

Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler - Sanjeev Baskar

Moist von Lipwig: Adrian Lester

Spike - Lyndsey Marshal

Can we all take a moment to reflect how hot that couple is?

Glenda Sugarbean - Nina Wadia

Trevor Likely: Dev Patel

I didn't get everyone I wanted -  I ended up not doing Nobby Nobbs and any non-humans (well, two non-humans and one mostly human) because that seemed to spark the STEREOTYPE part of my brain and that's not the point of the meme, is it?

(I would say that I would probably cast male actors as dwarfs - even as Cheri - as the point is that to humans all dwarfs look male)

ETA: I know people are still being linked to this, and I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to read this later post, thank you.
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