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heart + stomach
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If your life had a face, I would punch it. I would punch your life's face. 
28th-Feb-2010 08:30 pm
THIRTY DAYS OF MEME: 18 Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Steve thinks I do not read enough comics that aren't in the Superhero genre. I, in return, think that Steve does not read enough comics that are in the superhero genre and are published by DC. So we struck an accord: I made him read the brilliantly dark, hyperviolent and kind of slashy Secret Six, and he forced upon me a series of graphic novels in Manga style by some Canadian Bryan Lee O'Malley: the amazing Scott Pilgrim.

And it was awesome.

Scott Pilgrim is the story, predictably, of Scott Pilgrim, a twenty three year old man living in Toronto with nothing much to do except hang out with his friends, play bass in an Indie band called Sex Bob-Omb, and exist in a simple, innocent relationship with Knives Chau, 17 years old.

Until he meets the girl of his dreams (literally). Ramona Flowers is American, and thus can travel along the Subspace highway that goes through Scott's head. It's to this he attributes his instant obsession with her, and they tentatively start a relationship.

But first, Scott has to defeat in combat, Ramona's Seven Evil Exes. In Boss fights. And that's not mentioning the troubles Scott's own exes bring with them. All to a soundtrack of indie music (O'Malley thoughtfully provides a playlist in two of the five volumes).

There are obvious similarities to Questionable Content, but CRPG-style character fights and and subspace travel out-awesome anthro-PCs quite significantly. Still, if you like the one, I recommend the other. If you're click happy and wish for more previewing, there is currently a single Scott Pilgrim Post on Scans Daily.

And if the very concept of HAVING TO DEFEAT HER SEVEN EVIL EXES isn't enough for you, there is the fact that this is being made into a movie: Scott Pilgrim vs the World, directed by Edgar Wright, with a soundtrack of Canadian Indie (including Metric) and starring Michael Cera in the title role. Yes, that's right, folk: A Michael Cera movie that isn't about his virginity.

The trailer hasn't been released yet, but here's a cast shot:

What do you think, Scott?

Damn straight.
28th-Feb-2010 08:45 pm (UTC)
I'm so looking forward to this movie I'm not even kidding.
1st-Mar-2010 10:26 am (UTC)
I'm going to have to do this meme, because as well as enjoying your contributions for each day, I always have to think what mine would be.
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