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heart + stomach
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Wednesday Abby Blogging 
17th-Mar-2010 10:43 pm
Posted later than I intended due to:

1) Being knackered after a long day
2) Being distracted by my belated birthday present: a BRAND AND SHINY NEW ASPIRE 5542. I think this computer wants to be called Amy, for it is an Acer.


Today was our first swimming lesson!

Not Abby's of course; Abby's been swimming for a year or more already. Nor was it specifically mine, as I've been swimming for a long time as well. No, this was our first swimming lesson together. This involved changing (Granny helped with Abby. I managed my own suit myself), walking along slippery poolside, getting into the pool and splashing about with armbands and Auntie Debi as support. Then we used The Wheels on the Bus to learn arm and feet movements, swum on her front and her back, chased balls and jumped in and out of the water. Also ducks. There were a lot of ducks. Which is convenient because ducks are far and away Abby's favourite animal (They kind of pop up a lot, in books and bathtime and jigsaw puzzles, plus the word is easy to say if you're fifteen months old and on the verge of no longer being pre-verbal.

So that was incredibly fun, and she clearly loved it all the way through, until Granny reappeared and she realised she was playing with Auntie Debi and that brought on the waterworks. C'est la vie, I suppose.

Also today we had a good run around the back garden on the spring lawn, playing football. We noticed some very serious and deliberate building of small towers by putting one brick on top of another with great care and a precision of purpose and motor skills that are quite new, combined with a happy story telling around it (no, we didn't recognise any of the words in the storytelling). I'm just sorry the moment was gone by the time I fetched my camera.

Add to that a trip to PC World, a couple of tantrums - teething comes complete with moodiness - some naps and a lot of pottering, and you'll get one tired aunt. Phew
21st-Mar-2010 03:53 am (UTC)
Baby swimming lessons are so fun! It's really surprising how quickly they can learn to hold their breath underwater (takes a few tries if they haven't been doing it from birth). You should try it with Abby. Just remember to give her a verbal warning of going underwater first so she can learn to hold her breath. Enjoy!
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