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heart + stomach
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The lesser spotted Member of Parliament in his Natural Habitat. 
9th-Apr-2010 10:47 am
earth, hhgttg
This morning as I reached my tube station, I was fortunate to run into David Burrowes, my incumbent (Conservative) MP out campaigning. So of course I took the opportunity to inform him that I'd emailed him about the Digital Economy Bill and was waiting for a reply, and then we had a (brief) conversation about what he was doing on Tuesday and why he wasn't there.

He was out canvassing, he said.

There wasn't a vote on Tuesday, he said.

Whut, said I?

Actually, I think I didn't understand him and just asked him to clarify if he meant he wasn't expecting a vote.

He said there wasn't a vote.

Though now I have the internet to hand, I discover I should have asked about Wednesday. Ooops.

So now I'm torn. I asked him why he wasn't in the Commons on Tuesday to vote on the DEBill*. He answered with "On Tuesday I was campaigning. There was no vote."

He didn't answer with "you have your facts wrong, the vote was Wednesday, and I wasn't there because xxx."

He did say the Bill was rushed through with alarming speed and deserved more debate, with which I agreed. But while I left the conversation flush with conspiracy theories about willful decpetion of MPs in order to have the Bill passed, I now feel cheated in conversaton by someone too smart and dishonest to give me a staright answer.

Very well. He promised he'd find my email and reply to it. Maybe I shall be better prepared for a conversation than just-had-coffee

*I dislike the fact that this abbreviation looks like an amalgam of "Debi" and "Devil"
9th-Apr-2010 11:18 am (UTC)
Actually, a lot of people who knew the third reading vote was on Wednesday have also criticised MPs for not being at the second reading the day before (to speak or just to show that they appreciated how important the Bill was), so he may not have realised he wasn't answering the question you wanted him to. He may not have meant "[I wasn't there] because there was no vote on Tuesday, [it was on Wednesday]" - he may have meant "[I wasn't there] because there was no vote on Tuesday [and at busy periods I don't prioritise debates that don't have votes attached.]" IYSWIM.
9th-Apr-2010 03:09 pm (UTC)
I think I do, yeah.

If he replies to my email, I'll ask him some more. If I see him again out campaining, I'll ask him to clarify. I hope he has enouh net-fu to find this blog, actually.
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