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An overdue apology. 
22nd-Apr-2010 12:39 pm

This post is, I'm afraid, at least two days late. And I want to start by apologsiing for that.

They were two days in which real life stress hit me hard in the solar plexus of my emotional health, and I had other things to worry about than this blog. This post isn't about my mental health, but that's the reason it is late.

On Monday I posted an entry with the conceit of two things that are exciting about being English right now. The bulk of the post was explaining about how the state of the General Election was promising actual change in Westminster Politics.

But the opening paragraphs were flippant lines about the Natural Disaster that was having a serious effect on my countrymen and my countries' economy. I could pass it off by explaining I meant to use 'exciting' without a value judgment to imply 'good', but I take responsibility for my words and I knew full well which words I was using and what they meant.

I just didn't care.

I was selfish and self centred and too wrapped up in "oh wow a Natural Disaster is actually affecting us! Cool!" to bother beyond flippancy with the people actually affected by the stalled flights.

About the people unable to return home.
About the people stuck at home without the loved ones they rely on and need close.
About the people whose work and personal plans have been disrupted beyond repair by the loss of time.
About the people relying on imports and goods that need to be shipped by air.
About the people losing hundreds of pounds as they try to find alternative transport.
About the people unable to do anything except sleep in airports and wait.

I was flippant and dismissive and too wrapped up in myself to give a damn about anyone – people I called friends – who would be hurt by my post.

And I'm sorry.

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