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An Appeal

I'm disabling comments on LiveJournal for this, and I'll probably link with Thagomizer, but I wanted to get the signal boosted:

An Appeal

Byron  is the sweetest, most lovely dog you could ever want to meet. He is friendly, devoted, well behaved, and an indispensible companion to three of my favourite human beings and the only dog in the world I hold in higher esteem than him. He has never failed to make me feel welcome when I've visited Brighouse and the world is a brighter place while he's in it.

He has suspected cancer.

To raise money for his treatment  - and vet bills are expensive, as anyone who shares their living space with a non human will know - his owner Jennie is selling off her stuff. I've been to her house - her stuff is great. Had I the money, I'd be pouncing on her Unseen University 'folio' Pratchetts. And she has a great collection of old Who DVDs. Go over there now!

In the meantime, I'm very very busy right now and also broke, but that doesn't stop mean I won't offer my limited web design / icon making / fic writing skills to anyone is able to help Jennie out. Just drop me a line with how much you'd be willnig to pay and what you'd like off me, and I'll let you know (Jennie needs the money immeidately and I have no time for anything other than thesis, so you'll have to be satisfied with a promise of creativity at first.


If you can contribute anything; and I know a lot of people reading this are talented and generous and lovely - then please drop a comment. This is a rapid turnover, impromptu auction. Because Byron deserves it.

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