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Character Meme 
12th-Jan-2011 07:36 am
Pick a character I write, and I will give you the top five ideas/concepts/other I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to depicting them accurately. includes both fandom and original characters.
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12th-Jan-2011 05:31 pm (UTC)
12th-Jan-2011 05:58 pm (UTC)
I gave Amy one set of 5, so you get 5 more!

1. Mel is claustrophobic in enclosed spaces. Anything that restricts freedom to move is a no-go.

2. Mel's moods can be pretty violent - she carries a lot of angst and a lot of anger and uses laughter and adrenalin to cover them up.

3. As an extension to 2) - make Mel laugh and she'll love you.

4. Mel loves kids, and feels incredibly protective of them.

5. Mel is always aware of her surroundings in all three dimensions, and uses them frequently. She has a great connection between her body and the world she's inhabiting, and thinks nothing of boucning her feet off walls, or sitting on tables, or hopping over fences. The world is her obstacle course.
12th-Jan-2011 08:21 pm (UTC)
N'awwww, I miss Mel.
12th-Jan-2011 06:06 pm (UTC)
12th-Jan-2011 06:22 pm (UTC)
I already gave Sarah 5, so you get another 5! These ones specifically MilliDinah

1) She has no idea whether she should be keeping her secret identity or not, so tends to bring it up only if it comes up. There's only one person she really doesn't wish to find out at the moment, but she's probably going to get around to telling Urquhart.

2) She honestly believes that there's good in everyone and that it just takes the right situation to bring it out.

3) She doesn't like being single - her parents married young and she's kind of bought into the 'if you don't end up with a guy there's something wrong with you' myth. Being painfully aware of her bad taste in men doesn't help.

4) She continues to have a weakness for adopting older men into her life; if she doesn't crush on them, she'll adopt them as family. She collects father figures like they're going out of fashion. Losing her Dad early, combined with the high turnover of regulars at Milliways, probably doesn't help. Her mother, on the other hand, is more than enough mother for anyone.

5) She's more comfortable in costume than out of it; this is why the Justice League remain her best friends and she has problems connecting to people in her non costumed life out of the bar. It's also why 1) above - she can open up to people better if she can be completely honest.
12th-Jan-2011 09:30 pm (UTC)
Ummm... not a character, but a 'verse- Discworld?
12th-Jan-2011 09:47 pm (UTC)
oooh interesting.

1) The average character gives the shape of the world about as much thought as the average Terran does to the mechanics of gravity and orbital mechanics: i.e. not much. Who cares if it makes sense or not, that's just the way the world is.

2) Narrativium is one of the most powerful forces - if something obeys a well known trope or story, it'll probably happen that way, c.f. million to one chances. People live their lives around this principle.

3) Magic is a function of the environment, not a technology. It is planned around and compensated for, and accommodated where possible, but never actually used, even by witches and wizards.

4) The world is broadly analagous to Roundworld, and if it happened on one, it happened on the other, only funnier. Missing canonical details can therefore be filled in through understanding of the Roundworld system it is analogous to.

5) There is always a Dibbler.
12th-Jan-2011 10:58 pm (UTC)
5) Isn't there just? :)
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