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heart + stomach
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links for 2011-08-02 
3rd-Aug-2011 01:02 am
heart + stomach
  • "Let your vagina clean itself. It is acidic for a reason, and no, it’s not supposed to smell like a flower. It’s supposed to smell like a vagina."</p>

    'Douchebag' is one of those insults I use freely and unapologetically, and when people suggest it's not relevant, I also point out it means something irritating, unneccessary, offensive to women and generally harmful to your health. It usually applies.

    (tags: science health)

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3rd-Aug-2011 06:04 am (UTC)
Thank goodness there's still a reasonable justification for saying "douchebag"; I'm far too fond of it as an insult to give it up. Now I can keep using it without feeling like a bad feminist or a bad person!
3rd-Aug-2011 10:45 am (UTC)
I really enjoy "douchebag" as an insult. Mostly for this reason, but also because it just rolls off the tongue so pretty.
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