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heart + stomach
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New Readers: Elemental Micah 
29th-Nov-2011 09:54 am
heart + stomach

The cover of Elemental Micah #1: Three people are standing facing the camera: a black man with a broken nose and glasses; a white woman with purple hair and a large smile, and a white man with heavy sideburns, holding his shirt open to expose his chest


Writer and Artist: Michael Georgiou

Publisher: self-published
What’s it about?
Micah Sampson is a seventeen year old college drop out, feeling his life draining away from his as he works as a supermarket. He has low self esteem, mostly surrounding his body, and a huge crush on the American older man who works at the fish counter. On Micah’s last day at the market, said sex-bomb asks him out on a date, which also happens to be the night on which Micah discovers he has superpowers.

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