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Arrow Recap coming later today 
25th-Oct-2012 09:55 am

I have a terrible cold, which isn’t going to kill me, but is energy sapping. I’ll start the proper recap later.

But in bullet points:

  •  We got to see Laurel showing skills that her cop Dad taught her
  •  Joanna still has no hobbies or interests other than getting her friend laid
  •  Thea is great
  •  Diggle is better AND he gets a few hints of backstory.
  •  One of my favorite DC villains shows up, in name and a few effects only. Otherwise he’s unrecognizable, which is okay because he makes a better villainous protagonist than an antagonist.
  • Two new female characters are introduced, and they seem great. However, with the show’s growing stable of awesome female characters, it still doesn’t pass the Bechdel test
  • Walter Steele continues to fail to be the bad guy Ollie clearly wants him to be.
  • Island flashbacks continue to bore me.

Alright. Proper recap when I’m feeling better!

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