The real Joon (innerbrat) wrote,
The real Joon

Debi rewatches Arrow

So I was just looking over my recap of 1.03 of Arrow posted earlier today, and I realized I neglected to take the opportunity to relate one of my favorite Deadshot anecdotes.  So here is the edit I put in:

 I just had a look at a better screencap [of Deadshot's tattoos] and I missed an awesome one! Also on Deadshot’s shoulder is Joe Cray, a senator who once manipulated the Suicide Squad to his own political ends. Rick Flagg, the most Good aligned of the squad, and Lawton’s bropal of the time, found out and went on an angry mission to kill the Senator. This would have had grave consequences, so the Squad were dispatched with orders “do not let Flagg kill Cray, even if you have to use lethal force!” – so Deadshot killed Cray.

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