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heart + stomach
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These are my friends, see how they glisten. 
5th-Nov-2012 06:47 pm
shiny, thing

You didn’t think I’d forgotten, had you?

1. Roller derby.
2. Jewelry.
3. Home.
4. Cats, dogs, other.
5. The state of televised media.

I didn’t think I’d have much to say about jewelry. I hardly ever wear it, right?

I have three jewelry boxes in current use.

I keep my jewelry in different places mostly due to sentimental value. My best friend Izzy hand painted a green dragon box just for me, and I brought it with me before I went to the States. I keep that box on my bedside table (which at the moment is an empty storage box because I’m in that stage of having just moved) with a paperweight Amanda gave me and a photo of myself and Abby. In that box, I keep everything that means something extra special to me: a note a little girl gave me on the subway; the necklace from a watch part that the Explainers at the Science Museum gave me when I left; a locket left to me by my grandmother which a photo of Abby; dog tags from my sister’s wedding.

The “treasure chest” is the only box of the three that has divisions helpful for keeping earrings sorted. It is also the current home for a very small part of my lapel pin collection; something I’ve been quietly developing for nearly 20 years now. The third box, which no longer hurts to look at, houses necklaces and broaches and assorted trinkets.

I got my first piercing when I was eighteen, in Camden Town, having been at university and therefore living on my own for the grand old time of two weeks. Lesson to parents: this is what happens if you vocally and regularly insist that “you can get your ears pierced when you no longer live under my roof!” It wasn’t my ears I got pierced that time, but my nose.

I got it pierced for £5 at a jewelry store that used one of those piercing guns. It resulted in five hours solid pain stretching up to my eyebrows, and disgusting infection three months down the line. Don’t get your cartilaginous bits pierced with an earring gun, people! I later got two piercings in each ear lobe, and would have continued up my cartilage but I got distracted. That, and obligate glasses made me worried that they’re catch on high piercings. I may have also had more facial piercings, except for a college course on the archaeology of human remains, in which I learned how to recognize piercings based on the erosion they leave on the bones of the skull.

Anyway, I don’t wear things in my holes about… 95% of the time. They have all healed open, so I can put things in and out of them as I wish. I just am not a fan of spending my regular day to day life being stabbed in my neck, or getting things caught in my hair, or having my breathing hindered even more than my hereditary deviated septum  does already.

There is still “every single day” jewelry I wear, without which weight on my wrists I actually feel undressed in the morning.

I started wearing a watch when working at the Science Museum. My roommate Kate had it lying around and was this close to donating it, when she asked me and I realized I needed it. When you’re working in a public facing job, with tightly scheduled time periods, you need to be able to tell the time at all times. Doubly so as a classroom teacher. I never trust wall clocks and phones tend to be in my other pants, so I need a watch. As well as my watch is my recently remade Buddhist practice bracelet and a 25 bead bracelet a Tibetan monk gave me a few weeks ago on 45th Street when I gave him a donation. Sometimes that bracelet moves wrists, because the beads interfere with using a mouse.

Sometimes, however, I like to dress up. And I like to think I scrub up well.

The other way that teaching factors into this post is my minor hobby of “Miss Frizzle”ing my jewelry. She’s not part of my childhood, but do as the Snamor do, right? Anyway, I amuse myself by getting small jewelry pieces themed to the classes I teach; if you look carefully, you might see the glow in the dark pieces I wore for Bioluminescence, or the lunar shaped for The Moon.

Later this month I will be helping at an event about Teddy Roosevelt and exploration, and in preparation I picked out the following:

Compass earrings from The Steampunk Ballroom

Silver glass necklace and dangle drop earrings from CNHBigAdventure

it amuses me, and more often than not it amuses the kids that notice, and that amuses me even more.



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7th-Nov-2012 12:26 am (UTC)
This is beautiful. I loved getting to read it.
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