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Getting my skates on 
11th-Nov-2012 11:10 am
go baby go

It is no surprise, and also no disappointment, that I will not be skating with the three  times Women’s Flat Track Derby Association champions in 2013. Aside from the skating I already do with them, that is, which is paying them money to be trained by the best, and that’s nothing to sneeze at either.

What with Weavesapalooza and moving home and superstorms and snow, I actually hadn’t had skates on my feet for a couple of months before try-outs yesterday. It had managed to get to that point that my brain is wont to do, of persuading myself I don’t want to and it’s a hassle and I suck at it and gosh wouldn’t it be better just to sit here and look at the internet and maybe write?

And then I got out there, stuck wheels on my feet, did a couple of laps and everything came rushing back to me. Holy crap, do I love skating.

Of course, it had been so long that my skills weren’t quite up to snuff. Well, I say skills. My body wasn’t quite up to snuff, really. but I did get to go through the drills and figure out where I need to work.

1. Core and leg strength. My recovery from lowering is really poor right now, and it’ll be nice to be able to continually get up from kneeling positions without using my hands at all. Anyway, here’s to squats and planks and sit ups!

2. Lifting my feet up. Another leg strength thing combined with skate time. I’m getting better at cross overs and speed skating, not so much with passing and dealing with obstacles on the track. Got to be better at getting my feet off the ground. Yay jump squats!

3. Endurance. Be nice if I didn’t tire out so easily. At least this is simple aerobic training, and something I can address by getting back into my running.

Mostly though, I’m looking forward to getting more time on skates. And going fast. And hanging out with my girls when Rec League starts again in January.

I didn’t get past the first stage of tryouts, but it was the best possible way I could have spent my Saturday morning yesterday.

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