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heart + stomach
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Feeling Domestic 
22nd-Nov-2012 10:36 pm

So a very happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it. To those who don’t, then I’m generally thankful for anyone who has room for me in their life all the time, and that doesn’t change.

This is my fifth Thanksgiving, and I spent it today with my wonderful roommates and the family of one of them. I’m a fan of this holiday, though I prefer the summer one of daylight and steady snacking and late night fireworks, but this one is good too.

I have always been a fan of creative, social or special cooking. Daily do-this-to-eat maintenance cooking annoys the heck out of me and if I could fix my body so I wouldn’t have to eat, I would. Because ADD and inability to form long standing habits and the fact that I can’t be creative when I’m hungry. Regular meals and I are not friends.

But cooking as a hobby? Great. Cooking as a great team social exercise? Fantastic. Cooking that doesn’t involve my actual blood family, who are control freaks and argumentative and all know exactly which buttons to aggravate my anxiety? THE BEST. I spent today making pie crusts and something called “corn pudding,” (which is excatly what it says on the tin) and pouring cranberry jelly into a jelly mold shaped like a brain. And I made souffle!

Delicious souffle.

There was this buzzfeed page circulating tumblr a while back: Two Ingredient Recipes which aught my eye immediately and made me and Becca want to try a bunch of them. We have previously had great success with the ice cream bread, which tasted like sweet scones, and so we decided for Thanksgiving – well, I decided, Becca made gravy instead – to try the delicious  looking maple souffle. And guess what? It was VERY DELICIOUS.

We didn’t have enough maple syrup for all the fam, so we tried smaller versions with apple cider syrup in a muffin tin, and I feel that was less successful. But the by the recipe maple in proper ramikins? Incredibly yum and easy to make!

Then we ate the dinner, but I feel that’s less important than all the cooking.

And the quietly happy feeling of being full.


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