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Off the needles 
25th-Nov-2012 07:25 pm
Y:The Last Man, knitting

Here is a pair of gloves I finished a few weeks ago:

The pattern is Proposition, by Julie Brown, and the yarn is Chroma by Knitpicks. They are most definitely the gayest thing I have ever had on my needles, which is saying something.  Were I to knit them again – and I already have two people waiting for them, so if you want them get in line – I would probably not use that yarn, because the wool/nylon blend irritates my sensitive skin. But the pattern itself was a joy to knit. (Click the picture for a larger closeup)

Like all good knitting patterns, it looks way more complicated than it is. In fact, for the majority of the gloves it is just knitting one small (8×8) square after another. No tedious spirals on top of spirals of stockingette, no complex lace charts, just enough changes to keep me interested while being easy enough to take on the subway – or on a roadtrip to Kansas, whichever I’m doing.

If anything, I regret that the pattern notes calling this hard were so convincing that I put these off for so long. They were fun!

A-plus plus would knit again!

(Though note: the pattern doesn’t quite describe the thumb in easy terms. I knitted it in the round then used one fewer block for the rest of the hand.)

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Entrelac is the best!
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