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Happy Yuletide 
25th-Dec-2012 11:16 am

Merry Christmas! I was not able to go home this wintertide for visa related issues, so I am in Auburn, Alabama with roomie Ana and his amazing family, where I have unwrapped some wonderful presents, some of which my Dad bought online and sent to my apartment so poor Ana had to hide and wrap them himself.

It was mostly knitting equipment of the kind that makes non knitters look at me and ask what the heck I’m going to do with these apparent instruments of torture. That is clearly a WHOLE OTHER POST coming.

But in terms of showing off what I got, I’d rather talk about Yuletide! This was my first year, and the first time I got to experience the excitement of wondering when people would read my stories and what would they think, and of going to bed all excited that in the morning I would have awesome stories to read.  And I did! My recipient seems to like their story – “seems to” because it’s a long story and I don’t expect them to have read it yet – and I have two – TWO – fantastic gifts!

There’s No Such Thing as Elegators [Princeless] Sparky meets another dragon! An amazing story about friendship, loyality, princesses being awesome and female friendship! You do NOT need to know canon to read this. Go!

This Latest Wondrous Calamity - [The Lost World, Arthur Conan Doyle] A perfect Ned-voice tale of his return to Maple White Land with Lord John. Manly admiration! Shippers on board (Hi, Challenger!) Liopleurodon! Iguanodon eggs!

And also there were fics not written for me! I’m sure I’m going to be doing a dozen or so fic rec posts as I finally discover the wonders of actually reading fanfic, AND I’M NOT EVEN SORRY. Coming soon!

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