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Yuletide Recs Post the Second 
25th-Dec-2012 09:00 pm
Capital Scandal, gun

So now I got my initial flailing about my gifts over with in a different post, I can start collecting recs of the rest of the archive together.

Starting with the other fandom I requested (Sungkyunkwan Scandal). Of which I may have beta’d a couple of fics:

Keeps On Slipping - a crossover with another KDrama called Dr. Jin, which I hear is about a time travelling doctor. The warning is for “major character death” and the tags include “velociraptor” and “fetus.” I’m not saying it’s completely obvious who the author is, I’m just saying this fic is amazing.

Step by step on the flowers placed before you - a crossover with Capital Scandal, and therefore immediately one of the  best things to come out of Yuletide already. Cha Song Joo meets Gu Yong Ha – spoilers for the end of Capital Scandal, but also a fix-it fic, so hooray!

Beginnings  - Moon Jae Shin and Gu Yong Ha’s first meeting. Or, as I will forever call this fic: Yong-ha and Jae-shin, sitting in a tree…

Couldn’t Drag Me Away – yes, I am reccing all the SKKS fic this year, but I’m not sorry, because BOYS. Yong-ha uses his brilliance and fabulousness, and all Jae-shin can do is be swept along. Forever!

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