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Yuletide Recs: Book fandoms! 
26th-Dec-2012 09:00 am

Civilized Indecency[Fly by Night series, Frances Hardinge]

“We must do something about these disruptive tendencies of yours, Mosca. Oh, yes, they’re endearing on a certain level, but that hardly balances the inconvenience, not to mention mortal peril, your revolutionary little heart brings upon us with stunning regularity.”

Mosca and Clent delve into the world of law. The characterization is perfect and the compressed plot awesome. No need to have read canon, for this one! (But you really should!)

The Young Chants – [Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Diana Wynne Jones]

I’m so pleased I finished this book series in time to read Yuletide fics! In this one, Christopher Chant adds to his family, one person at a time. It’s utterly charming and involves an angry man-with-baby scene!

This was the third time that day that Roger had been caught pulling Julia’s hair. To be fair to Roger, Julia had first tied him to a chair.

With Love, Posy – [Ballet Shoes, Noel Streatfield]

Pauline, I almost cried when you wrote about having to lindy hop in your film. What on earth is Mr Reubens thinking? Please tell him you won’t do it.

The Ballet Shoes future fic is strong this year. This is narrowly my favorite, for being letter fic, and for completely nailing Posy’s selfish simplicity, and her love of her sisters and her family. Beautiful.

The Last Days of Dr. Seward – [Dracula, Bram Stoker]

Over the past year I have ceased to give mirrors more than a passing glance, even shaving very irregularly, as the sight of my face frightens me terribly.

A chilling, haunting epilogue to the events of the book, following the decline of the characters in more earthly, but no less tragic, manners.

And of course, I’ve already mentioned my wonderful Lost World fic:

This Latest Wondrous Calamity – [The Lost World, Arthur Conan Doyle]

We are returned to Maple White Land! Albeit in quite a different configuration than before. Of our original party, only myself and Lord John Roxton once again find ourselves amid the dual peril and delight that accompanies a journey to this lost world.


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