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Yuletide Recs: DC Comics 
27th-Dec-2012 09:00 am

Somehow I started just “comics” and then DC insisted on being its own category. So here it is! Other comics to come later!

How Batgirl Stole Christmas [Batgirl: Steph Brown, Barbara Gordon, Nell, Wendy Kuttler]

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring … because they were at the Gotham Mall desperately trying to purchase that last present or two. In Stephanie Brown’s case, however, ‘that last present or two’ could be more accurately described as all of them. Crime fighting was time intensive! Who knew?

An absolutely pitch perfect tale of Batgirl III fighting criminals in the middle of the last minute present rush. Canon knowledge not required.

If you’ve got a baseball bat it’s not a date, or: Paco and Brenda Figure Stuff Out 
[Blue Beetle; Jaime Reyes, Traci Thirteen, Brenda del Vacchio, Paco Tejas. Khaji-da]

“So what are we doing now?” Jaime asked.

“Hanging out,” his friends said together, and Paco passed him a brightly coloured piece of paper. Jaime wondered if they’d had to go and buy the paper and a set of markers, or if Brenda just carried them around for emergencies, and decided it was better not to ask.

Simply amazing story about Paco and Brenda working out what counts as a date, or not, with perfect renditions of all characters. including Khaji-da. Being a character study rather than superheroics, it is definitely definitely something you can enjoy without canon knowledge.

Joining the Angels [Birds of Prey; Barbara Gordon, Dinah Lance]

Dinah took the box without further argument, taking it in one hand that she then closed into a fist, the hinged lid shutting with a tiny snap as she did so. “Of all the things I expected to get from you, a ring wasn’t one of them.”

Two things about this fic: 1) Dinah and Babs pose as a married couple. 2) Dinah makes Babs wear sexy lingerie. Why aren’t you reading this already?

A Seat at the Round Table [Demon Knights; Sir Ystin]

As he handed the heavy goblet to the King, their fingers brushed, and for a dizzying moment Ystin saw himself–older, clad in golden mail–kneeling to present a simple wooden chalice to his Lord. It brimmed with light, and all was silent with joy–

An amazing character study of my favorite character in Demon Knights and his early days in Camelot.

Never Having to Say

Lawton shrugged, even though he knew Blake couldn’t see it. “She shot you.”

“That definitely doesn’t make her my girlfriend.”

“Does in my book.” Floyd sighed. “Ah, prom night.”

Post-series (so spoiler-y but that doesn’t really matter) telephone conversations between Deadshot and Catman. Perfectly in character and perfect grudging bromance.



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