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Why I should be Editor in Chief of DC Comics: 3. Wonders and Lanterns

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Before I start, some edits to previous posts:


Conner Levitt – who signs his name Con L – is, in a parallel with Clark, a web-savvy blogger, and the book contains pages from his social media presence as part of the storytelling. With the blessing and encouragement from his Moms, he eschews the idea of a secret identity, and is open with his identity as a teenager with superpowers, but no costume.

The Daily Planet:

One of the major characters is Sydney, a staffer on the paper and a friend of Lois, who develops a crush on a columnist before coming to the realization that he sucks.

Honestly, I wish I could fill five books with Wonder Woman titles, but I’m not quite sure all of those would fly off the shelves. Still, she deserves more than one, and there’s one obvious way to do that.

12. WONDER WOMAN is Princess Diana of Themyscira, sculpted out of clay by her mother Queen Hippolyta sent as an representative to Man’s World to start to bridge the gaps between the Amazons and the rest of the world. She is also Diana Prince, owner of a boutique in NYC. She is also the demigoddess daughter of Zeus. She founded the Justice League. She didn’t found the Justice League. She fought in WWII. That was really her mother. All these things have happened and are true.

How does this Morrison-esque “everything happened” take work on character that has been reset and retconned so many times? Well the thing is that Wonder Woman is the only character that this works for. Her lasso is the Lasso of Truth, and truth, like reality discussed in the introduction, is both entirely subjective and continuous, rather than fixed. The DCU is made of stories, and because every story and every universe exists, every reality must be true. Diana, who lives in a world where the dominant reality is the ‘sculpted from clay followed Steve Trevor to Man’s World’ reality, is having strange dreams, finding her lasso appears to be malfunctioning, and embarks on a quest to discover the nature of truth. In this universe, it’s not Flash’s dimensional travel that holds the key, but Wonder Woman’s role as the avatar of Truth.

Diana is immortal, older than Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, and there is a five year editorial mandate against Themyscira being destroyed.

13. WONDER GIRL is Cassandra Sandsmark, daughter of Zeus and a mortal archaeologist, who finds artifacts that give her magic powers. These include the gauntlet of Atlas, that gives her super strength; the sandals of Hermes for speed and flight; and the girdle of Artemis which gives her the ability to talk with animals. Adopting the name Wonder Girl, Cassie uses these artifacts to help Wonder Woman, and after the resolution of the first storyline in the Wonder Woman book, she is also given a length of Diana’s Lasso of Truth,  that compels people to tell her the truth. By carrying it, Cassie, like Diana, is granted intuition into whether or not people are lying.

Because her father is Zeus, and after training with Hippolyta, Cassie is essentially a princess. She represents the ideals of Truth, Fairness and Compassion, and she can talk to animals.  This is a YOUNG READERS title, aimed at under-12s, because if you have a character who is a princess who can talk to animals and wields the power of truth, and you’re not marketing that character to little girls, you are doing something very wrong indeed, DC comics.


So if you thought I was presuming too much by reinventing Super titles and having Opinions about that, you might want to skip the next three, because I have never read, and don’t really intend to read a Green Lantern book that doesn’t also have “Green Arrow” in the title. GL is popular, I get it. I just don’t have very many opinions about it. Well, not beyond the TV show, anyway.

14. GREEN LANTERN is Hal Jordan John Stewart of Earth. He has a power ring, he protects Earth from alien menaces. I have honestly no idea what happens in a Green Lantern book. I’m sure it’s great!

15. TALES OF THE LANTERN CORPS is an anthology title that always includes a story about Honor Guard Guy Gardner or Honor Guard Hal Jordan. The back up stories include tales of non-human Lanterns Green and otherwise, and involves a lot of world building about planets, systems, and alien races in the DC Universe. The tone is lighter than the main GL book, more comedy than drama.

16. GREEN LANTERN: GUARDIANS Do you like Green Lantern: The Animated Series but think Hal Jordan is boring? Then this is for you, Bing! Kyle Rayner leads a team of rebels from multiple Corps, including Green Lantern Aya, Red Lantern Razer, Blue Lantern Saintwalker, Star Sapphire Carol Ferris among others, learning lessons about teamwork, the moderation of emotion, and saving the universe a lot. Male Star Sapphires exist. There are no “Dark Phoenix” storylines about women going mad with power and having to kill themselves to save the universe, because those storylines are horrible and I’m not having them.

This is a YOUNG READERS title, aimed at teens. So really, there’s a lot of violence and explosions, and people messing up their emotions.


Of course, now I fully expect the Lantern readers among you to come up with better ideas. And please do!


Next: Solo Titles.

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