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Why I should be Editor in Chief of DC: 9. Out of Time

[Introduction | Supers | Bats | Wonders & Lanterns | Solo Heroes | Justice  | The Grey Area | Magic | No Tights, No Capes]

So far, most of these books are occurring concurrently and more or less in continuity, with allowances for writer freedom and keeping crossovers to a manageable number. The following books do not take place in the same timeframe, and as such may or may not actually take place in the same universe. The futures glimpsed here might not be different points in the same future, and the pasts might not truly be the past of the existing world. But they might, that is up to the writers, and more importantly, to the readers. No continuity is set in stone.

43. DEMON KNIGHTS are Vandal Savage, Jason Blood, Madame Xanadu, Shining Knight, the Amazon Exoristos, the Horsewoman and Al Jabr, having adventures across medieval Europe. It’s very violent, and there’s magic and dinosaurs and swords and science. And Vandal Savage shouts a lot. Paul Cornell is back as writer on this pure fantasy romp.

44. JONAH HEX  is an old school Western comic, with gunfights and… um. More gunfights? IT’S A WESTERN. WESTERN THINGS HAPPEN.

45. KAMANDI is a human boy living in a world after an apocalyptic disaster that killed all humans and left only animals – talking, anthropomorphic animals – living on the earth. It is a four color Kirby-esque romp with a protagonist whose motivation is getting angry when animals disrespect him. It makes no sense, and it’s not meant to. There are talking animals. Obviously, a YOUNG READERS title. But only for young readers whose parents don’t mind them reading a lot of pulp violence.

46. THE LEGION OF SUPERHEROES are active in the 31st century, fighting crime IN SPACE. And I have never read a Legion book and I have no strong opinions about it. This is also a YOUNG READERS title, aimed at 12-14 year olds.

47. TIME MASTERS follows the adventures of the Linear Men, led by Rip Hunter. It is a time traveling adventure through the entire history of the DCU, popping up in the pasts and the futures of these particular titles, but also having jaunts into the adult lives of modern teen heroes, or the All Star Squadron of the second world war. Or the early days of the Justice League. Or having adventures with Sherlock Holmes or Percy Blakeney.

This title is both in continuity and out of continuity. It’s a Time Travel book: it has to be flexible in terms of what is and what isn’t ‘real.’ Futures change from adventure to adventure, and so do pasts. One day they might be fighting alongside D’Artagnon and his musketeer friends, the next they might be chummy with the imaginative Alexandre Dumas. This book both tells the definitive history of the DCU and is completely out of canon. ADVENTURES.

I realize that these are generally a bit samey in feel: ADVENTURE TIME ROMPS. But these should cover various genres: High Fantasy, Western, “Boy’s Own Adventure,” Space Adventuring, and time travel.

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