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Why I should be Editor in Chief of DC: 10. Showcases

[Introduction | Supers | Bats | Wonders & Lanterns | Solo Heroes | Justice  | The Grey Area | Magic | No Tights, No Capes | Out of Time]

This last batch are a space for team-ups, out-of-continuity storytelling and showcases for characters who don’t have their own title, and for creators who are less well known than others. Storylines can be as short as half an issue, or long enough to fill a trade, but most are standalone stories, with the intention of being possible to jump on at any issue, or with any arc.

48. THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD is a book for team-ups that involve a Bat character (usually Batman) teaming up with any other character from the whole universe. Stories can be any length, and the creative team varies from story to story, with some new creators and some established creators. While it is closer to comics continuity to the show of the same name, and there is no fixed age group, it is considered an ALL AGES title.

49. WORLDS’ FINEST is keeping that damn apostrophe ’cause I love it. A collection of stories involving at least one character each from two of the Trinity families: Bats (Batman, Batwoman, Nightwing, Red Robin, Robin, Black Bat, Spoiler, Oracle, Huntress); Supers (Superman, Lois Lane, Supergirl, Conner Levitt, Power Girl); and Wonders (Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Donna Troy). These stories are fast and loose with continuity. Sometimes they are consistent with the rest of the universe, sometimes they are involved in Super or Bat crossovers, and sometimes they are a complete Elseworld. In general, this book is considered to be completely Elseworld unless it fails to contradict other books. After the first Trinity storyline, Peej, Huntress and Donna hang out in this title when they’re not appearing in Justice books.

50. DC COMICS SHOWCASE is actually Andrew’s idea: A bimonthly book (alternate with Adventure Comics, offset fortnightly with Action and TEC), double sized featuring one standalone story by big name writers and creators of any DC- or creator-owned property they wish. (And gee, I hope it’s possible for DC to publish a story and keeping it creator owned. Otherwise original stories also permitted), and one story on a DC big name character by first time creators or creators not currently under contract. I’d like to see this second story operating under a submission system, but that might not be possible.

51. SECRET FILES AND ORIGINS is a repository for “Year One” stories, each of varying length, one to six issues, and including any character active in the universe. Ideally the current creative teams on varying books would produce stories about the characters they’re currently writing, and the book would double serve as a showcase for that particular run. Other creators and characters not currently appearing in books are also hoped to appear.

And finally:

52. WEDNESDAY COMICS is not like the oversized title from before: it is a weekly comic of around ten pages in length, retailing at a dollar fifty, and containing an anthology of single to three page installments of stories that and completely out of continuity but have a much more cartoony, four color feel. Like DC Nation Shorts but in comic form, this book contains pages from Dustin Nguyen’s Lil Gotham, a print version of Lauren Faust’s Super Best Friends Forever, a Tiny Titans storyline, as well as until previously not-for-profit fanworks such as a single page of Yale Stewart’s JL8, and of course Batman and Sons. I think of it as an All Ages version of Showcase, being a place for light hearted takes on DC properties where everything is sweetness and light and nothing hurts. Ever.

Aaaaaaaaaand that’s my Fifty-Two! Stay tuned for the conclusion, in which I talk about my first crossover event.

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