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Yuletide Promotions: Princeless

Princeless2What is it?

A  (so far) 12-issue comic series consisting of two volumes of eight main story and four issues worth of short stories, written by Jeremy Whiteley, drawn by a variety of artists and published by Action Lab. It is clearly aimed at young readers, especially girls.

What is it about?

When Princess Adrienne turned 16, she was locked in a tower by her parents, awaiting a prince to come, slay the dragon guarding her, and claim her hand in marriage. This is apparently standard practice for finding a husband in this universe, and Adrienne thinks it stinks. So when she finds a sword under her bed, she teams up with the dragon and rides out to save her sisters.

Why is it great?

Didn’t you read the description? It’s about a princess who saves herself. Actually it’s about a bunch of princesses, and a bunch of other characters too, who are challenging what is expected of them and what they can do with themselves in their world. And each princess has a different personality and a different attitude to the situation she finds herself in, and that’s okay. It’s heavy handed with its message, sure, but it’s a lot of fun on the way.

How can I read it?

Princeless is fully available on Comixology: Volume One, Volume Two. Each volume contains four ‘story’ issues and two issues of one shots (the volume one collected volume contains just the four story issues) . Volume one appears to currently unavailable on Amazon, but you can get volume two there now. Issues are also available on Kindle and in floppy form from Action Lab Comics.

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