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Yuletide Promotions: Ame-Comi Girls


What is it?

A 39 issue digital-first comics series (the issues are shorter than standard comic issues and sell for 99c each) published by DC comics and based on a series of statuettes produced by the company over the last few years.

What is it about?

Set in a  world firmly outside main comics contuinity, Ame-Comi Girls describes a world in which all superheroes and villains are female, from Kara Jor-El, aka Power Girl, whose spaceship crashed in Kansas when she was a baby, to Duela Dent, the insane murderer out to get revenge for her dead father Harvey. Some characters are just lifted easily from their better known counterpart, such as Wonder Woman. Some, like Jade Yifei, the Green Lantern of Earth, are completely new characters.

Why is it great?

I shouldn’t need to tell you that Wonder Woman, Power Girl and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon, fighting crime alongside Robin, aka Carrie Kelley) are great. But it’s not just a rehash of their existing stories. Batgirl and Robin are teenagers, fighting crime behind the backs of their (living) parents. Power Girl is completely open about her identity because LYING IS WRONG, and when she teams up with Batgirl, she insists they tell their parents (they are grounded as a result.) Jade Yifei is blind, and her power ring fills her ears with the music of the universe. And near the tragically premature end of the universe the entire universe is rebooted and they get to do all the worldbuilding from scratch. And no, for once this doesn’t suck either.

How Can I Read It?

All 39 issues are available at Comixology for 99c each. And you can always get one or two and see if you like them.

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