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Dear Yuletide Writer...

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Congratulations on your excellent taste in fandoms! All six of these are the fandom of my heart, and I'm already super excited to see what you produce in any of these, because I know it will be amazing. If you are interested, by the way, my AO3 account is [ profile] innerbrat

First rule of writing for me: have fun! Please, above all else, write something YOU want to write. If you get halfway through a carefully constructed piece that answers my prompts directly and includes everything I even hinted at liking... and you find you're not enjoying the writing process, and you'd rather just scrap it and write the fic in the fandom that you've always wanted to write, I would much rather you do that. I want a fic that was fun to write, and I'm sure to love it if it was.

With that in mind, generalities:

- I like relationships (romantic or otherwise) based on mutual respect, of shared enjoyment, and of knowing each other particularly well, sometimes better than each person might know themselves. I have a huge weak spot for found family and for the changes friends bring to each other's lives. I also have a bit of a soft spot for unerring loyalty. Shipping is always optional.
- I have a huge, massive competence kink. I LOVE seeing characters doing what they are best at and being great at it. Having said that, I love the characters I love for their flaws as much as their strengths. The massive chip on Tara's shoulder, for example. Lisa's habit of getting herself in trouble with her temper. And so on.
- I love world building and I love backstory. In fact, all my prompts seem to involve backstory of some form or another. Ooops? Something set pre- or post-canon that fleshes out what lead to events or the consequences. Family! Parents! Offspring if you like!
- I like dinosaurs. I don't know how you can work that into fics with these fandoms, but I always think this is worth throwing out.
- Please please no: incest, or anything approaching dubious consent. This includes power imbalance or abuse of authority, mind control, memory loss... none of this should be an issue with these fandoms! The one possible exception would be Queen & Country, in which case please keep it to 'threat of...' level.

Prompts offered in no particular order. Just as I think of them. Also, if you check the tags in my journal for any of these fandoms, you might find mini posts I made talking about each of the canons and how much I love them. If you are interested in a canon you did not offer but need help finding, I have empowered [personal profile] skygiants (bookelfe) to help find these out.

Ame-Comi Girls - Jade Yifei.
JADE IS GREAT and I don't usually like Green Lanterns. Apparently just having a female GL is enough to spark my interest. I love the way canon focuses on music and is incredibly auditory in its symbolism for her. I love the complexities involved in having a superhero of a different country from America and the briefly-touched on complicated relationship she has with her own country's government.

1. BACKSTORY. Something set pre-canon when she's growing up with her family. There's a strong family bond there and I want to know about it!

2. ADVENTURES IN SPACE. Something Green-Lanterny out in space with as much worldbuilding of the Ame-Comi Girls universe as you like. It could even be after the universe reset so it doesn't even need to be very canon-complient. I am a big DC fan, but my GL knowledge is limited to GL:TAS, so only if you want to should you refer back to the main continuity. Having said that, I just realised how I typed this how much I would like to see a female Blue Lantern.

3. INTERACTION WITH OTHER CHARACTERS. I pretty much love all the girls. White Canary is a favourite of mine but Power Girl, Batgirl, Jesse Quick - any of those would be great. Femmeslash is awesome and optional.

Birds of Prey (comic) - Evelyn Crawford, Dinah Laurel Lance.
I only have one prompt here. I would love fic set in the preboot DCU that somehow incorporates Ev into the continuity. Maybe she was an old friend of Dinah Laurel's, maybe her mother knew Dinah Drake. Maybe she's just older than the other women and was actually a friend of Dinah Drake's herself. Maybe there are time travel shenanigans (there do not have to be). Basically, I love Ev, and I think she is a great character, but preboot Birds of Prey is the Birds of Prey of my heart and I would like to see her with those girls.

Dinah, by the way, is my favorite character of all time, but I love Babs and Helena and Zinda and the other preboot Birds too.

If you signed up to write reboot!Birds of Prey and you're really not happy with this prompt, then never fear! I'd love some Ev backstory in the DCNu too.

Claymore - Miria
My love for Miria is abiding and strong, I love the devotion she inspires in her friends, her determination never to hurt a warrior. I love that she's the smartest of everyone by a long way. I love that she knew everything from the beginning. I love the fact that in a world full of violence and selfishness and monsters, she is unerringly good. As long as you're writing something Miria centric, I know I'm going to love it.

1. ACADEMY BACKSTORY What was training like for Miria?
2. HILDA FRIENDSHIP SHENANIGANS. I really really really like female friendships. Is that obvious from this letter?
3. THE SEVEN YEARS MISSING What did the warriors get up to after the Battle in the North?
4. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY POST-CANON UTOPIA. Is that even possible? What actually happens after the Organization has been brought down?

Leonardo - Any
(Nominated characters: Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolo Machiavelli, Lisa Gherardhini, Lorenzo de' Medici.)

I know what you're thinking – every single one of my other requests was for all female characters, so I was disingenuous by requesting boys down here. No, that's just 65% coincidence. I love these Florentine kids, okay?

I ship Mac/Lisa, and Leo/Lorenzo, and I also like Leo/Mac, Mac/Angelica and Mac/Lorenzo. I'm just not a major fan of Leo/Lisa, or indeed Leo/anyone female, although I wouldn't mind Lisa's crush on Leo being played out in fic. But shipping, as always, is optional! I made the nominations before I saw season two, and it probably wouldn't change what I nominated, but if you wanted to include or even focus on Angelica and/or Rocco, that would be fine. The fandom needs more fic, is what I'm saying.

VAGUE PROMPT ONE: The in-universe option! I'd love anything with this crazy kids. Lisa and her painting; Leo and his love of nature and beauty – oh, and his complex relationship with his father and with Verocchio; Mac and his gang of ragged street urchins. Lorenzo and his careful balancing of family and friend loyalties. If you want to write Angelica, I wouldn't mind seeing Lisa and her talk about arranged marriages and gender roles. Or maybe they could talk about Mac and how he's a great catch really.

VAGUE PROMPT TWO: MODERN AU OR CROSSOVER SHENANIGANS. Superheroes? High School? Space pirates? Some AU where there are giant monsters that come out of the ocean and Lorenzo and his father has to fight them in a giant robot suit? The medical school AU where Mac is a dentist? Pick a situation and go nuts. It can't be any crackier than the original source material but you are welcome to try!
(Incidentally, in a modern setting I like Lisa as a trans girl, because I think this comes closest to fitting her 'definitely a girl but has to live as a boy' situation, but that is your choice.)

Princeless - Any.
(nominated characters: Adrienne, Bedelia, Queen Ashe, Devin, Sparky, Appalonia)

This is one of my favourite comics at the moment (although my four year old niece has discovered it and I'm already getting sick of reading it out loud - C'est la vie. I love the premise of Adrienne breaking free and going to rescue her sisters. I love that each sister is a different person, complicated and with her own issues, and that Adrienne obviously has as much to learn from them as they have from her. Also, dragons.

1. Adrienne and Bedelia (and Sparky) are distracted on their way to rescue a sister by an ADVENTURE that involves finding out more of the world they inhabit. Maybe they meet the Black Knight! This would make me extra happy.

2. Queen Ashe backstory! I'm sure it'll be jossed as soon as volume 3 comes out, but what we see of her in volume 2 was amazing and left me basically making huge grabby hands towards her character. What does she think of her husband? How was she as a mother of eight children? What does she really think of the whole tower thing?

3. Bedelia backstory. Something set in her childhood, before or after her mother leaves. How does she get along with her father. The story we got was rather angsty, and you can go with that, but some happy Smith family fic would be nice. Not everything was easy in that family, but what was a good day like?

4. Family Ashe kidfic! Give me Adrienne and Devin and Apple (and Angelica and Angoisse and the other twins and...) something set before they were towered, all interacting together. How does Devin get along with his sisters? Who (other than Devin) was Adrienne closest with? How did Apple feel as each of her sisters was shipped off to their tower?

Queen & Country - Any
(nominated characters: Tara Chace, Tamsin Chace, Valerie Wallace.

Tara Fucking Chace. How excellent is she? She hits my competence kink in a huge way and I love watching her get herself into danger and then get herself out of it. And of course sometimes she gets so far in that someone has to pull her out, and that's okay. Feel free to include other non-nominated characters as well; Paul, Tom, Nicky, I love them all.

1. SPY ADVENTURE PROMPT. Tara is on a mission, an Operation not featured in canon. She has to be competent to survive! She is, predictably awesome. The end. I just love seeing Tara be competent.

2. FAMILY PROMPT. Valerie and Tamsin at home while Tara is on a mission. What's that like, knowing the mother of your grandchild might not come home, the way your son didn't come home that time?

3. WACKY CROSSOVER HIJINKS PROMPT. Why not have a crossover with another fandom? Fandoms I like that might be suitable: Undercovers; Avengers (616 or MCU); DC Comics (Checkmate?);RED (Movie or comic, if you can make the comic work); Losers (Movie or comic: again, if you can make it work); Capital Scandal; um, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

It's almost a shame I'm not into Spooks, really. I'm also not a James Bond fan BUT I think I know enough about it to appreciate a crossover if you want to write one. If you want to check with a mod or a friend about my fannish tastes, I have the permission of [personal profile] skygiants / bookelfe to put her forward.

THANK YOU, AWESOME YULETIDE WRITER. I know you'll do something amazing. And if you hate all these prompts, then write something for yourself! As long as it's in these fandoms and with these characters, I'm sure it will be great!</user></user>
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